Gallery System – Fix 8

Gallery System

Gallery System is available from Fix 8 in Freshwater.

Fix8 Systems provide suspension solutions for both the wholesale and retail market. Our key clients include the lighting, signage, gallery and display industries.

Fix8 Systems manufacture and import a large variety of suspension products all made from quality Stainless Steel, Brass and Aluminum. With our extensive product selection and qualified staff, we guarantee a solution to your hanging requirements.


“Drawing Essentials” workshop for Year 7 to Adults

‘Drawing Essentials’ with Evert Ploeg
Exploring the visual in B/W

Drawing underpins the creative process; a liberation of idea’s and thought is crucial in many fields of the Arts. Learning to see is an essential part of learning to draw…Drawing is seeing made visible.

A unique opportunity has presented itself with Evert giving instruction for a special ‘Student‘ drawing workshop in January 2013. This full day program is tailored to high school students to adults with an aptitude for the visual arts.

To learn to see not like a camera – that devise which permeates our technological culture – we generally accept these photographic images as our shared reality, when learning to draw we struggle with what is the limited ways of describing our reality. Through drawing, through ‘quiet time’ we can slow things down and perceive not that picture perfect reality but replace it with a natural human response – the unique, hand-made sensory quality that can be delivered beautifully through drawing and the imagination.

Beginning with a short power point introduction, Evert will then encourage participants to seek and explore the field of drawing and mark making with a number of rotating still life ‘stations’. There will be plenty of different exercises showing alternatives to holding and applying media and how specific marks can breathe life and energy into the work.

In the same way as we acquire say language skills we can improve our drawing skills by increasing our understanding of marks, materials and approaches. Those intrinsic methods of looking, feeling, discovering and responding will be examined in this one-day workshop to be held in conjunction with fellow artist Midori Furze from Laneway Art Depot studio’s on Sydney’s Northern Beaches on Thursday 17th January – 10am – 4pm. For further details and full materials list, contact : Midori 0431 895 757

Fee $132 inclusive gst.   

Unique Shopping experience

At Laneway Art Depot, we have amazing discount on our paintings.
We also have many unique handmade offerings. Handmade origami jewellery,  hand painted silk scarf and more!

It is the ideal place to find a special treat for someone this Christmas!

Open Thursdays 10am – 4pm
Fridays 10am – 4pm
Saturdays 10am – 1pm

Jeni and Midori
Laneway Art Depot
Unit 5 / 8 Orchard Rd Brookvale NSW

Manly Arts Festival Sept 2012

September 2012 – Manly Arts Festival
Art Exhibition, “Spring into Art” 14 – 28 Sept (Mon-Fri, 1-4pm)
Open studio weekend (Sat15-Sun16, 10am-4pm)
Manly Art Gallery’s special bus tour started at Laneway Art Depot at 10am in the morning on Sat 15 Sept. Manly Arts Festival coordinator, Rachel Carroll took the visitors to several art studios around Manly and talked about the local artists and their works.


The Opening on 16 Sept 2012

The Opening on 16 Sept 2012

inviteSmall_Sept2012_back Spring into Art exhibition Logo - MAF big

Art Studio available in Brookvale

Looking for Creative Art Space?

Art Studio available to rent in Sydney’s Northern Beaches.
Laneway Art Depot
5 / 8 Orchard Rd, Brookvale
Share the art studio with two other artists with good vibes.
$50 – 150 per week (plus electricity)
Ground level
Kitchenette, toilet on site
The total of 95 sqm space and each studio space is applox.12 sqm
Shared sitting area, store rooms and an exhibition space
Contact Midori 0431 895 757 or Jeni 0417 453 272
All mediums welcome except musicians sorry

Laneway Art Depot 5/8 Orchard Rd Brookvale 2100 NSW

Warringah Art Prize

The artists at Laneway Art Depot have been selected to this year’s Warringah Art Prize.
Congratulations, Chris, Jeni and Midori~!!!

Warringah Art Prize
12-22 July 2012
Artfocus Gallery (1 Powells Rd Brookvale) 

Midori Furze Art Exhibition

Midori Furze’s open studio & art exhibition

“Pockets Full of Love”
11 – 25 May 2012
Laneway Art Depot

Green Tea Chat with Midori on Saturday, 12th May, 1-4pm

Northern Beaches artist, Midori Furze will open her studio. Everyone welcome.
In her exhibition, “Pockets Full of Love” you can enjoy not only paintings and drawings, but also origami and Japanese calligraphy works, and unique one-of-a-kind handmade offerings.
“Green Tea Chat” – Meet the artists of Laneway Art Depot on Saturday 12th May 1-4pm. Come and enjoy the visit with eyes and taste buds because a chef, Sachiko Marchand from DiningStory will make sweets from her original recipe for this ultra special event. Midori and Sachiko have met in March this year when they volunteered at a Japan disaster memorial event – “Sydney – Remembering Fukushima, One year on” and interested in each others work since then.

Laneway Art Depot ,  5 / 8 Orchard Rd, Brookvale (Ample parking on Powells Rd and our red building is on 22 Powells Rd)

Midori Furze